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Click on the icons below to download free .pdf files with Mazes, Coloring Pages and Word Searches!

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The Halloween season is a spooktacular time to get creative with your costume, find your favorite trick or treat candy and hunt for ghostly words with these FREE Word Search games!  You can entertain your kids at home or in the classroom with ten levels that increase in difficulty.  Higher levels are fun for kids as well as adults.  Choose your printables below if you dare:

This Halloween find your favorite Trick or Treat characters in our coloring pages for kids.  Adults will love them too!  Get your crayons or colored pencils ready to add your unique style to bats, cats on friendly monsters.  Decorate your room or print out for the classroom.  Choose your printables below and create something rare:

Be amazed this Halloween when you try our activities starting with -- you guessed it Mazes!  Put on your thinking cap from your favorite costume and navigate each spooky path.   Try not to get lost as each level tests your wit with increasing difficulty.  Choose your printables below and enter the lair:


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